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Our Information Center contains general information about Himalayan Loop holidays.

To help you find what you are looking for we have categorized this into two sections; Pre-Trip Information and Booking Information. For more specific information about individual treks please read that trek’s Trip notes. If you have any questions or require further information please feel free to get in touch.

Pre Trip Information

To help you get ready with your preparations for departure we have included Pre-Trip information in this section.

On confirmation of your booking a holiday with Himalayan Loop we will send you our country Pre-Departure notes with further information on getting ready for the trip.

Adventure Travel

The trips organised by Himalayan Loop should be enjoyed by most people who have an enthusiasm for the outdoors, experiencing different cultures and prepared to be open minded and flexible at times! Our trips are fun and informal with groups made up from a wide range of people from different countries.

We believe in providing honest and reliable Pre-Trip information to people considering traveling with us. All of our holidays are adventurous, the points below are not meant to put you off but instead to highlight some areas to take into consideration before booking.

-Domestic transport can be unreliable. Flights are sometimes cancelled at the last minute and road journeys can be hazardous and uncomfortable. There is no guarantee that your return flight from the hills will connect with your international flight back home.

-Hotels are not always at the same standard as in Western countries.

It may not be possible to complete the itinerary due to local factors such as bad weather or unseasonable snowfall. The itineraries should be seen as statement of our intentions and not a contractual obligation on our part.

-The political situations in our destination countries are less stable than in the west. Please read your Embassy’s travel advice and register your travel plans with them.

-It is quite common to get sick while travelling in underdeveloped countries. You might pick up diarrhoea (or Delhi belly) or a more exotic disease such as typhoid, malaria, hepatitis, typhus among many others. Vaccinations are never totally effective in preventing these diseases.

-You might injure yourself while on trek in which case you might have to wait for helicopter evacuation. There could be a long wait as they cannot fly in poor visibility and bad weather.

-The airline might lose your bags on your international flight or the porter might drop your belongings into a river during the trek.

-The porters might go on strike and refuse to carry the group’s bags and equipment. This could take several days to resolve or might be necessary for us to find new porters from a local village.

Remember this is adventure travel where the unexpected can and often does happen. If you are not prepared for this uncertainty then you should not travel with us.

Thanks for your patient reading,let us move on.

Our itineraries are carefully planned to ensure there is a gradual ascent in height over a number of days to allow for the necessary time for your body to acclimatise to high altitude. Most people can ascend to 2,500m without a problem however it is impossible to determine who might be more susceptible to altitude sickness at higher elevations. No single factor such as age, sex or fitness will affect your likelihood of being affected.

The Cause of Altitude Sickness: As the altitude increases the partial pressure of oxygen is reduced, for example at 3,600 there is about 40% less oxygen than at sea level. The body must adjust to having less oxygen.

Acclimatisation: The human body can adapt to the decrease of oxygen at altitude however this process takes time; this is known as acclimatisation. The cause of altitude sickness is a result of going too high too fast. The body adjusts to less oxygen by several mechanisms, the main ones being an increasing rate and depth of breathing followed by the slower process of producing more red blood cells.

Mild Acute Mountain Sickness: There is a spectrum of altitude sickness starting starting at mild acute mountain sickness (AMS). Many people will experience mild AMS during the acclimatisation process. The symptoms of mild AMS include:

  • Nausea & dizziness
  • Headache
  • Loss of appetite
  • fatigue
  • Shortness of breath
  • Disturbed sleep

Symptoms tend to be worse at night when your breathing rate decreases. As long as symptoms are mild and only a nuisance your ascent can continue at a moderate rate. It is essential that you communicate any symptoms of illness to the Leader of your trip.

Moderate AMS: The best test for Moderate AMS is get the person to walk in a straight line heel to toe, if they are unable to do this then an immediate descent is required. Often only a small decrease in altitude of 300m will relieve the symptoms.

The signs and symptoms of Moderate AMS include:

  • Severe headache that is not relieved by medication
  • Nausea and vomiting, increasing weakness and fatigue
  • Shortness of breath
  • Decreased co-ordination (ataxia)

Severe AMS: Severe AMS has two serious conditions one being high altitude cerebral oedema and the other high altitude pulmonary oedema. These should not occur if a sensible acclimatisation schedule has been adhered to and usually happens due to people going too high too fast. In both cases the lack of oxygen results in leakage of fluid through the capillary walls into either the lungs or the brain.

Symptoms of High Altitude Pulmonary Edema (HAPE):

  • Shortness of breath at rest
  • Tightness in the chest, and a persistent cough bringing up white, watery, or frothy fluid
  • Fatigue and weakness
  • Confusion, and irrational behaviour

Symptoms of High Altitude Cerebral Edema (HACE):

  • Headache
  • Disorientation
  • Loss of co-ordination
  • Confusion and irrational behaviour
  • Decreasing levels of consciousness
  • Lloss of memory
  • Hallucinations
  • Coma

Immediate descent is essential for someone with HACE and/or HAPE. There is also medication that may be used for treatment. Guidelines for the prevention of AMS.

The guidelines state that when you get above 3,000 metres, you should increase your altitude by approx. 300 metres per day, and for every 900 metres of elevation gained take a rest day.

  • If you have symptoms of moderate AMS do not go higher until symptoms decrease.
  • If symptoms increase, descend immediately!
  • Remember that people acclimatise at different rates.
  • Make sure you are properly hydrated by drinking at least four litres per day. Urine should be copious and clear to pale yellow
  • Do not over exert yourself at altitude

Additional website resources

Base Camp MD
Medex Travel at High Altitude booklet (recommended)
High Altitude Medicine

We are guests of the communities we pass through and with some thought and care we can ensure that everyone benefits from the experience. We believe that our clients have an important role to play as well, with each person ultimately determining the overall impact of the group in the area visited. The following are some ideas you might like to consider:


  • Buy locally made crafts and support local skills to encourage the positive sides of tourism.
  • Consider tipping a reasonable amount for good service.
  • Bargaining is an accepted practice in all of the countries we visit – but do so in a good humour and bear in mind the amount of money you are haggling over!

Think carefully about giving money to beggars, it is often more effective to give money to local charity to reduce reliance and expectation.


  • Learn some words of the local language, this is appreciated and often results in getting more out of the experience.
  • Ask for permission before taking photographs out of respect for the local people.
  • Enjoy the areas you visit but, if possible, try and leave in a better state than you found them in.
  • Respect the local laws, customs and cultural beliefs.
  • Observe the dress code of the area and be aware of differences in social behaviour and norms.
  • Do not buy ancient artefacts or souvenirs made from endangered species.


  • Try not to damage any plants you see on the trail.
  • Wild animals should not be touched, fed or disturbed and do not encourage local people to parade animals.
  • Do not collect firewood, all the treks use kerosene for cooking.
  • Ask permission before using a village well or pump.
  • Please burn all loo paper and bury away from a water source (30m) and please use toilet facilities if they exist.
  • Our policy is to carry out all non biodegradable rubbish, if any is left behind in the morning, please bring to the guides attention.
  • Bring along environmentally friendly detergents and shampoos and use as little as possible to keep fresh water supplies free from pollution.
  • Be economical in using fresh water for showering and washing as often it is in short supply.
  • Consider offsetting environmental effects of international travel by contributing to Climate Care.

Read more about Himalayan Loop Responsible Tourism policy.

The day starts with an early morning mug of tea brought to your tent by one of the cook’s helpers. Before heading over to the mess tent for breakfast it is best to pack your overnight gear into your duffel bag. During breakfast the tents will be packed away and, after the porters have arranged their loads, they will set off on the trail in the cool of the morning.

After breakfast, probably between 7am and 8am, we start walking. The pace of the trek is leisurely with plenty of time to enjoy the scenery, take photos and explore the local villages. Lunch will be around 11am at a spot by the side of the trail and is prepared for us by the cooks. If you are on a tea-house lodge trek then we will stop to have lunch at a restaurant near the trail.

There is more walking after lunch and normally you will get into camp by mid afternoon with the tents already put up by the local staff. In the evening a three course meal is served in the mess tent around 7pm. If you are on a tea-house lodge trek then we will stop at the lodge and have supper in their dining room. After supper the leader will discuss the plan for the next day with the group. People might stay in the mess tent chatting about the day’s events for a while before retiring to their tent for the night.

Please refer to the Trip notes for the minimum group size in order for a trip to become a guaranteed departure, for many holidays this is only two people and often for a small surcharge we can organise for a single trekker.

Our maximum group size for most of our treks is fourteen people.

At the end of the trip if you feel that the local trek crew have done an exceptional job then it is customary for members of the group to give a tip. The amount depends on the number of days on trek, the size of the team and the type of trek (camping v tea-house). It is a good idea to pool the contributions and hand out to the crew on the last night of the trek.

Of course, tipping is entirely voluntary and it is often the case team members give different amounts into the tip fund. After booking with us we will send our Pre Departure notes that include our suggestions for range of appropriate amounts allocated to each crew member.

Every trip organised by us has been given a grade based on the expected level of difficulty in order to help you select a suitable trip. We have six levels of grading for our trips: Easy, Gentle, Moderate, Demanding, Strenuous and Challenging.

Our trips have been graded based on four factors:

1) Walking times 2) Altitude 3) Terrain 4) Remoteness

For further detailed information to help you choose the right trip please download Trip Dossiers from our website that has day by day itinerary including walking times, altitudes and description of what to expect.


Suitability:Most people in good health.

1) Walking times: transport by private vehicle with driver to various places of interest then sightseeing on foot at each location.
2) Altitude: usually less than 3,000m.
3) Terrain: sightseeing in cities and some optional day walks on well-travelled trails.
4) Remoteness hotel and road based tour.


Suitability: Most people in good health who take regular exercise.

1) Walking times: average 4 to 6 hours walking per day for up to 8 days often including one or two rest days.
2) Altitude: up to 4,000m.
3) Terrain: for most of time following well-travelled trails through villages, there will be some daily ascent and descent.
4) Remoteness: usually not too remote and often there is a reasonable level of infrastructure such as lodge accommodation and cell/ mobile phone reception.


Suitability: a good choice for most hill walkers, reasonable level of fitness required.

1) Walking times: average 5 to 7 hours walking per day for up to 14 days usually with some rest days included.
2) Altitude: up to 5,000m.
3) Terrain: for most of time following well-travelled trails, there will be daily ascent and descent.
4) Remoteness: usually not too remote and often there is a reasonable level of infrastructure such as lodge accommodation and cell/ mobile phone reception.


Suitability: a good choice for regular hill walkers, high level of fitness required.

1) Walking times: average 6 to 8 hours walking per day (with several longer days up to 12 hours) for up to 14 days with some rest days included.
2) Altitude: up to 5,500m.
3) Terrain: for some of the time following well-travelled trails although also likely to encounter rough and rocky sections. There may be significant amount of ascent and descent.
4) Remoteness: often in more remote areas and normally a longer distance from nearest road and facilities available in a city.


Suitability: a good choice for regular long distance hill walkers, very high level of fitness required. These trips may involve mountaineering and glacial travel.

1) Walking times: average 7 to 8 hours walking per day (with several longer days up to 12 hours) for up to 28 days with some rest days included.
2) Altitude: up to 5,500m.
3) Terrain: for some of the time following well-travelled trails although also likely to encounter rough and rocky conditions possibly with exposed sections. May involve steep ascent and descent over mountain passes that could be snow covered.
4) Remoteness: usually in more remote areas and likely to be a long distance from nearest road and facilities available in a city.


Suitability: a good choice for regular, long distance hill walkers. A very high level of fitness would be required for our toughest treks and expeditions. Previous trekking experience at high altitude is preferable although not mandatory given sufficient experience, preparation and training. These trips may involve mountaineering and glacial travel.

1) Walking times: average 7 to 9 hours walking per day (with several longer days up to 15 hours) for up to 28 days with some rest days included.
2) Altitude: up to 6,500m.
3) Terrain: you will experience a wide variety of mountain terrain from reasonable trails to crossing technical mountaineering passes and climbing to summits sometimes including use of fixed ropes.
4) Remoteness: usually in more remote areas and likely to be a long distance from nearest road and facilities available in a city.

Of course it is very likely conditions will vary year to year but our trip gradings should give you an idea of what to expect. It is important everyone booked onto our trips should be open to new situations and ready to be flexible for any changes often involved with adventure travel, please read our Adventure Travel section in Information Centre.

Please contact us if you have any question about our trip grades or if you need any help selecting the right trip for you.

To ensure you have selected an appropriate objective we will send a Pre-Trip Questionnaire before you book onto the trek. This contains a number of questions regarding your experience, fitness and any medical conditions. We will email the Pre-Trip Questionnaire as a Microsoft Word document to you on receipt of an enquiry about joining one of our treks.

Booking Your Holiday

If you would like to book onto one of our holidays please carefully read this section especially our Terms & Conditions.

We encourage you to book as early as possible to ensure you get the holiday you would like to join, often it can be difficult to secure flights at last minute. If you would like to book on a trip please get in touch with Himalayan Loop office to find out the current trek status. We will respond by sending you a Pre-Trip questionnaire and Booking Form. You can email or post these forms back to us along with your non refundable deposit of US $500 for non Indian clients.

If your booking is accepted by us then a contract is deemed to exist between you and Himalayan Loop. At this point we will send you a confirmation invoice showing the amount of deposit received and your final balance due. Now you can go ahead and book your international flights and obtain trekking and travel insurance

Price Includes:

  • All internal transfers including airport collections
  • Twin share room at hotels
  • Breakfast only at hotels, all meals included while on trek.
  • Twin share tents or rooms at lodges
  • All trekking arrangements including permits and fees, guide and porters
  • Complimentary trekking map (India only)

Price Excludes:

  • International flight to gateway city
  • Travel & trekking insurance (eg Snowcard)
  • Entry visa
  • Lunch and evening meals in gateway cities
  • Personal clothing & equipment
  • Tips
  • Other items not listed in “What is included”
We reserve the right to change the prices of any of our holidays as described in our Terms & Conditions; these are travel industry standard booking conditions used by most tour operators. The majority of our costs in our destination countries are in US Dollar and therefore changes in the Indian rupees exchange rate might affect the price of your trip after you have booked. Our prices for 2012 were calculated using an exchange rate of 53.8.

You will not be charged for an increase of 2% of the price of your holiday as we will absorb this cost however we will charge extra if there is an increase of more than 10%. On notification of this increase in price you may cancel your booking and if you do so we will refund all money paid to us in respect of the trip. However we will not be responsible for the cost of visas, vaccinations, connecting air flights or other expenses incurred as a result of your booking or your expectation that you would travel on the trip.

If there is a price increase less than 30 days before the advertised departure date due to exchange rate, transportation costs and dues, taxes or fees then we will not make any further charge.

If you book an expedition or trip with Himalayan Loop and your booking is accepted by Himalayan Loop then a contract is deemed to exist between you and Himalayan Loop. In these Booking Conditions the words ‘Himalayan Loop ‘, ‘we’, ‘us’ and ‘our’ mean or refer to Himalayan Loop. The words ‘client’, ‘you’ and ‘your’ mean or refer to any person who enters into a contract with Himalayan Loop. The words ‘expedition’ or ‘trip’ refers to any event involving skiing, trekking or climbing or any other activity, organized by Himalayan Loop.

Himalayan Loop

1. All bookings made with Himalayan Loop shall be deemed to be made with Himalayan Loop, company number +919816499389, whose registered office is at Manali, Himachal Pardesh, India.

2. To book a place on a trip or expedition you must complete and sign a booking form and post it to Himalayan Loop with the required deposit or sums of money. If your booking is accepted you will be sent a Confirmation Invoice. Payment of any balance due must reach Himalayan Loop no later than eight weeks before the advertised departure date whether or not you receive that invoice.

3. The contract between you and Himalayan Loop will exist from the date on the Confirmation Invoice.

4. If the balance or full payment due is not received by Himalayan Loop by the date specified in the Confirmation Invoice, and unless a delay in your payment has been agreed by Himalayan Loop in writing, we reserve the right to cancel your booking and to retain your deposit. We also reserve the right to pursue you for the unpaid balance due.

Prcie changes after you have booked

5. Prices of trips may be altered after you have booked on account of India government action, changes in exchange rates, transportation costs and dues, taxes or fees charged at ports or airports.

6. If price changes are imposed by us as a result of India government action we will charge or refund the consequences of such changes in full.

7. If price changes are imposed by us as the result of changes in the exchange rate, transportation costs and dues, taxes or fees charged at ports or airports. Less than 30 days before the advertised departure date we will neither refund you anything nor make further charge. More than 30 days before the advertised departure date and if the increase or decrease is 2% or less than the basic trip cost, we will neither refund you anything nor make a further charge more than 2% but less than 10% of the basic trip cost, we will refund you the difference or make an appropriate further charge an increase of more than 10% of the basic trip cost. You may cancel your booking; if you do so we will refund all money paid to us in respect of the trip and travel insurance but we will not be responsible for the cost of visas, vaccinations, connecting air flights or other expenses incurred as a result of your booking or your expectation that you would travel on the trip. Changes due to fluctuations in the exchange rate will be based on the budgeted rate of Indian rupee to US Dollar.

Cancellation by you

8. If you wish to cancel your booking you must do so in writing. Notice of cancellation will only be effective from the day such notice is received by Himalayan Loop.

Cancellation on account of significant changes

9. If we are obliged between the date of your booking and the date of departure to make an alteration to the time of departure and if you do not want to proceed with the booking on account of such alterations you may either transfer your booking to another trip without incurring a transfer charge but subject to an appropriate adjustment up or down to the sums payable; or cancel your booking without penalty; if you do so we will refund all money paid to us in respect of the basic cost of the trip but we will not be responsible for other costs as described in clause 7.

Cancellation due to a price increase of 10% or more

10. If we increase the basic price of the trip by 10% or more as described in clause 7 and if you do not wish to continue with the trip, you may cancel your booking and we will refund you all money paid in respect of the basic cost of the trip but we will not be responsible for other costs as described in clause 7. In order to exercise this cancellation right you must ensure that written notice of your intention to cancel reaches the offices of Himalayan Loop within fourteen days of Himalayan Loop issuing notice of such a price increase.

Cancellation for any other reasons

11. Should you cancel for any other reason the following charges will apply:

>> More than 60 days before departure loss of deposit
>> 30 to 59 days before departure 30% of total cost
>> 15 to 29 days before departure 60% of total cost
>> Less than 15 days before departure 100% of total cost.

Cancellation by Himalayan Loop

12. We will not cancel a trip unless we are obliged to do so by ‘force majeure’ such as government intervention, political or civil unrest, flight cancellations or an act of God and other unforeseeable circumstances. The number of fully paid-up bookings needed to operate the trip has not been reached.

13. If we cancel your trip for one of these reasons you will be given the opportunity either to Receive a refund of the basic cost of the trip paid to Himalayan Loop transfer to another trip without charge. If there is a difference in price between the cancelled trip and the trip to which you elect to transfer your booking, we will refund the difference if it is cheaper or invoice you for the supplement if it is more expensive. Any supplement due from you must reach us in accordance with the timetable given in clause 2. No compensation will be paid unless the reason for the cancellation is due to lack of bookings in which case compensation of 40 US dollar per properly booked person will be paid for any cancellation on these grounds which takes place less than eight weeks before the advertised departure date for the trip.

14. If we cancel your trip we will not be liable for any expenses which you may have incurred as a result of your booking or in expectation of the trip taking place such as costs relating to visas, vaccinations, connecting air flights and any other expenses.

Special Request

15. If you have any special requests you should inform Himalayan Loop before booking or as early as possible before departure. We will try at our own discretion to meet these requests but cannot guarantee to do so and cannot be held liable for our failure to do so.

Special Understanding

16. In booking with Himalayan Loop you accept that: Some expeditions take place in countries where we have little control over the quality of internal travel and accommodation arrangements, which may vary in quality and the degree of comfort provided and may also differ from their description given by us in good faith in our brochures, leaflets and website It may be necessary for reasons beyond our control to alter advertised arrangements both before leaving and once the trip has begun. The itineraries given for each expedition must therefore be seen as an indication of what you will achieve and not as a contractual obligation on our part. No refunds will be given if changes for such reasons occur.

Our leaders, guides and representatives have the responsibility and authority to make decisions affecting the well-being and safety of the whole group and of each individual within the group; and that as a result they may require an individual to leave the group without any liability on our part for consequential supplementary expenses and without making any refund. The grounds for such a decision being made may include, but not be confined to, a belief by the leader or guide that an individual’s health or life is at risk an illegal act has been committed someone’s behavior has or is likely to be seriously detrimental to the enjoyment of the trip by the group or detrimental to its well-being or safety.

17. It is understood that if you decide voluntarily to leave the expedition Himalayan Loop has no responsibility for your safety or well being or for any consequential expenses.


18. If you have a complaint about the manner in which we are organizing the expedition you should inform its leader or another Himalayan Loop representative as soon as possible so that they have an opportunity to take appropriate action on the spot. If you feel that the matter has not been resolved satisfactorily and that your enjoyment of the expedition is likely to be significantly affected you should notify the offices of Himalayan Loop in the India from where we will do our best to resolve the situation satisfactorily. It should nevertheless be understood by you that on some expeditions it will not be possible to contact our office and also that there may be occasions when the staff of Himalayan Loop , wherever they are, will be unable to resolve the situation to your satisfaction.

19. If after the trip is completed you feel that your complaint has not been properly dealt with you must notify us in writing within 30 days of its scheduled completion. We will then try to reach an agreement with you.

Our Liability

20. We do not accept liability for any claim arising out of a mishap to yourself or your property (whether insured or uninsured) or a partial or total failure to carry out the contract, which is a result of or attributable to robbery, sickness, wars, riots, strikes, political or civil unrest, government intervention, quarantine requirements, weather, flight cancellations, delays or other unforeseeable or unavoidable occurrences events beyond the control of Himalayan Loop , its staff or agents actions taken by you or other clients of Himalayan Loop actions by parties unconnected to Himalayan Loop the consequences of any independent arrangements that you make.

21. Where Himalayan Loop is found to be liable to damages in respect of failure to carry out its contract the maximum amount of such damages, compensation and loss of enjoyment will be limited to twice the cost of the basic trip shown in the invoice. Where the damages relate to the provision of transport by air, sea or rail or hotel accommodation any compensation payable will be limited by the relevant Conventions.

Expedition Descriptions

22. While we have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of our advertising material and information sheets we cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies.

General Information

23. We give advice and information on matters such as health, vaccinations, visas, currency, local conditions, climate, equipment, clothing and other matters in good faith and cannot be held responsible for such advice and information. You accept responsibility for all these matters and particularly for obtaining the necessary visas and advice from your own doctor on all health matters.

This Contract

24. The terms and conditions of this contract will only be waived or varied if such changes are agreed in writing in a letter signed on behalf of Himalayan Loop by one of the Directors of Himalayan Loop.

25. The terms & conditions of all agreements made with Himalayan Loop shall be subject to and governed by Indian law and you shall submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Indian court.

If you are a single person booking on our standard Walking and Trekking holidays you do not have to pay the single room supplement, this is only payable if you specifically request to have a room to yourself. You will not have to pay this for this option if you happen to end up with a single room due to odd numbers on the trip.
For Indian clients we accept cheques payable to Himalayan Loop or bank transfer (bank details supplied on request). For overseas clients we accept payment in US Dollars by international wire transfer (bank details supplied on request) or by US Dollar check.
Once you have a confirmed booking with Himalayan Loop we will send you our Pre Departure notes with further information on your destination country. You should read these notes in conjunction with the Trip notes for your chosen trek.

Please carefully read the Equipment & Clothing list in the Appendix of Trip notes.

Once you have read the Pre Departure notes and Trip notes please get in touch if you have any questions or require further information. We are happy to discuss your holiday on the telephone, Skype, Facebook or email, whatever you prefer! We also enjoy meeting our clients face to face so if you can travel to Manali we would be delighted to see you.

At Himalayan Loop we are very serious about protecting your privacy. Your trust is our most important asset. This privacy policy explains how Himalayan Loop may collect information from you via our website and how that information may be used subsequently. If you have any queries in relation to this privacy policy, please contact

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Safegaurd and Security

No data transmission over the internet can be entirely secure, and therefore we cannot guarantee the security of your personal information and/or use of our sites. However we use our reasonable endeavors to protect the security of your personal information from unauthorized access.

In addition to our safeguards your personal information is protected in the India by the Data Protection Act. This provides that the information which we hold about you should be processed fairly and lawfully and should be accurate, relevant and not excessive. The information should, where necessary, be kept up to date and not retained for longer than is necessary. Please help us to keep your personal information accurate by updating your registration details on the website.

For more information on the Data Protection Act and the Information Commissioner please see

Changing or accessing your information

Should your personal information change (e.g. your postcode), or if you no longer wish to receive newsletters or services you have signed up for, or if you wish to review or receive copies of the personal information we hold about you, or have any other queries please email including full details of your request.